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Unfortunately, I'm not taking on any new projects for the 2020-2021 school year. With two young children at home whose lives have been disrupted due to Covid-19 and the resulting school closures, I'm taking this opportunity to refocus on ensuring my family has a consistent, nurturing, and comforting environment. (I know that not everyone is able to opt out of paid work, and I'm immensely grateful for this relative luxury.)

Thank you again for your interest. If you're in need of a copywriter, I would highly recommend searching through StoryBrand's certified copywriters, as I am certain you will find someone who can serve you well.

Praying blessings and peace on you and your family unit as you navigate these uncertain and difficult times. Lord willing, I'll reopen shop in the summer of 2021. Take heart, give others grace, and count your blessings.


Melissa Godsey

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